I am Herb Hodge, proud owner of East Coast American Muscle Cars. I grew up in the 60’s with muscle cars.  My first car was a 57 dodge with a hemi and juke box drive. I terrorized the town!   When the muscle cars came out, 1964, I had to have one. I drag raced them, worked on them, built them and was in the pits with the best of them, Bill Jenkins, Sox and Martin, Dick Landry, and the like. To this day I am still infatuated with the 60’s factory muscle and drag cars.  In my possession today are LS6 Chevelles, HEMI Cudas, BIG BLOCK Camaros and in the past GTO’S, BOSS Mustangs. I’ve sold many at auction, have won Concour’s D’Elegance,  Best of Show, and GOODGUYS Awards for Excellence.

After building and selling as a hobby I realize that now my dream has become a reality.   As a perfectionist, I am all about details. My cars are perfect when they leave my shop. If you plan to sell for top dollar or show with the best, contact me. You won’t be disappointed.


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A few of the written testimonials I have received are shown here.  I am happy to provide you with contact information so you can talk with some of my customers first hand.

Thanks for all the work you’ve done for me including the Hemi Cuda. I bring work to you because I know you’ve been doing this car thing for over 40 years.  I respect you and trust you with your decisions you’ve made in the past. Thanks again.  D.W.

Just a note of thanks for your gifts for the vette! and the nice bag to keep all in. I have a car bag coming this week to put it in over the winter months. Then I want to go to some shows in the spring.  Right now I really enjoy looking at it in the shop – it just really is an eye catcher!  Thank you again, that was very kind of you – was a pleasure buying a car from you!   Lyle

Thanks again for everything. The care came in today and it looks and feels perfect. I have to fix the right hand side-door clip so we can open it from the inside handle, but that’s about it. I am sending the check plus the duplicates of the photos you gave me.  Since you told me you like Beatles music, I’m sending their music with latin flavor and hope you and your wife will enjoy it. See you when I see you.   Your friend, Juan