This 1970 Cuda is an impeccable car and as new as it gets – 0 miles.  It was ordered by a Plymouth Dealer in Illinois in 1970 as a base model Barracuda. The dealer modified it into a drag race car. The car was formerly a super stock/D NHRA race car but in later years it ran bracket racing in Division 3 NHRA out of Illinois. It was just restored back to an SS/D car with all the 1970 NHRA rule book specs. It has a deleted radio, heater and no dome light. The rear side windows do not roll down. It has a 3-point lakewood roll bar. The 426ci Hemi formerly was built for super stock in 1967 with 13 to 1 pistons. The motor now has SS/D specs. It is decked and balanced and has a Kellog crank shaft. The intake is an Edelbrock Rat Roster and the carbs are Racing Carter AFBs 750cfm each. The body is mini tubbed. The Dana 60 is stock with 4:88 gears with a locker. The 4-speed transmission is Hemi with trick Syncros and a Hurst Super Shifter with a reverse lock out. There is a line lock in the car and it has front drum brakes. The car has a Hemi K-frame with a solid motor mount on the left side, racing torsion bars, 6 cyclinder type, cable drive tach and rev eliminator. The Mopar battery is in the trunk on the right side for ballast. There are super stock springs on the rear with a Sox and Martin pinion snubber. 

This resto 1970 Baracuda is a period-correct tribute car. We did a rotisserie restoration on this classic black Cuda (paint code TX9). It sports bucket seats with a console,  Dana 60 rear end, power steering and manual front disk brakes. 426 Hemi, Hemi 4-speed, full tinted  factory glass and factory gauges, The car has a Hemi K-frame, and tourque boxes. The car has period correct tires and rims, Shaker hood and fog lights.  



When sold, this 1969 Chevelle resto had just won “Best Street Muscle Car” at Frank Maratta’s Auto Show at it’s first debut in February 2015. It had 7/10 miles from 100% total restoration.  Contact me if you are interested in acquiring or getting work done on an American muscle car.