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WitchCraft II   SS/E 1691

Owned and Raced by Charlie Hampp from 1971 to 1978
Vehicle:  New Factory 1970 ½ Camaro SS396  (New Body Style, Exciting and Fresh)    375 HP, 402 C.I.S., 4-Speed   Price: $2800 Dealer Cost
Charlie Hampp picked up the car in the spring of 1971 at Sport Chevrolet, Silver Spring, MD. Drove it home 95 miles to Easton, MD. Charlie modified it into a Race Car, Tubbed and Painted it. The car still had only 95 miles on it when Charlie started racing it.  Raced originally in C/S. Converted to SS/E after the first year.

Race History:  Fastest E.T. in SS/E was 11.11 seconds at Atco Dragway, NJ. (The record for the track was 11.10.)
Tracks Ran at: US-13 Dragway, Capitol Raceway, Aquasco Dragway, Buds Creek Dragway, Atco Dragway, Beechbend Park Dragway, Indianapolis Raceway Park, National Trails Dragway, Englishtown Raceway, Cecil County Dragway, Maplegrove Dragway, York US 30 Dragway, 1st Sport Nationals at Beechbend, Spring Nationals at Englishtown, US Nationals at Indy.
Points Meets at Cecil County, York US 30, Atco, Maplegrove, Englishtown, National Trails
Sponsor: Hallowell Chevrolet, Easton, MD

Exterior: Paint scheme was loosely based on a funny car of the era (called “King Chevrolet Camaro”??). The name “Witchcraft” was chosen after the WWII B-24 Bomber (Charlie’s father was a nose gunner in a B-24.) Witchcraft I was originally given to the Hampp’s 55 Chevy which is why the Camaro is Witchcraft II

The Crew: Charlie’s father, Tom McCrea, Tony Pizza (Engine), Racing Head Service (Engine), Larry Wolford (Paint), Reimond Austin (Paint).

Present Owners: Ed Hodge and Herb Hodge, Belchertown, MA since 1979. Restoration by Hodge Muscle Car Restoration (Owner/Operator: Herb Hodge).

Restoration & Modifications: Started in 1981 with repaint of Charlie’s original scheme. Retained the original Hooker Headers, the DANA 5.57 Rear with a Spool, Summer Brothers Axles & Super Trick Wheels. Located a correct ’69 replacement engine built by Hitchcock Motors of Maine. The car now runs a Cam Dynamics Camshaft (as original) and a HEMI “Crash Box” 4-speed Transmission.